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Teens’ Top Ten – your chance to vote

Voice your choice, vote for your favorite books in the Teens' Top Ten

Voice your choice, vote for your favorite books in the Teens' Top Ten

The American Library Association wants to know what you – yes, you – considered the best books of the last year. It’s easy, just click the picture on the right and vote, or, use the link that follows: Teens’ Top Ten Survey

The Teens’ Top Ten for 2009 will be announced after voting is complete on September 18, 2009, so hurry up and make your opinions known. If you don’t vote, you can’t gripe if you don’t like the winners…


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TAB Meeting This Saturday!

On agenda:

-TAB Movie! bring your ideas!

-pen pal letters!

-BOTB update: we have 2 possible dates- you pick!

-Summer Reading is coming….let’s talk!

Saturday March 21st (whoops! the email said the 18th!) 11:30am in the Teen Lounge. See you then!

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Are you 18 now, or will be on or by November 4 2008? Then register to vote! The Des Plaines Library is registering voters in the main lobby. Hurry in- tomorrow (October 7) is the last day to register before November’s elections!

You need to be a US citizen on the day of registration and to register you need two pieces of identification. Acceptable identification are:

  • Illinois Drivers license
  • Illinois State ID
  • social security card
  • valid passport
  • employee or student ID
  • credit card
  • birth certificate
  • mail postmarked to you

None of  these need to be a picture ID.

If you can’t register today or tomorrow, visit the Cook County Election Department website for information about grace-period registration and voting.

This is shaping up to be one of the country’s most exciting elections! The right to vote is something everyone should exercise. Register today!

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Well I went out to vote. Did anybody else, who’s of legal age, vote too?

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