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The City of Ember

I wish I had an extra light bulb!

Saturday I saw the, City of Ember movie! For those of you familiar with Jeanne DuPrau’s book, The City of Ember and it’s companions you will not be disappointed. The movie follows the first book very closely. So if you’re like me and hate reading the book then seeing the movie that has nothing to do with the book have no fear, YOU were kept in mind when they made this movie.

The City of Ember is a book about a society living hundreds of feet underground. The only light they have is from the hanging lamps above the city and the street lamps that line the crumbling streets. But something is wrong. Ember is having blackouts and they are becoming longer and longer. Will Ember’s light in the darkness finally go out? Join Doon and Lina as the look for an escape from their ever dimming city of Ember.

Did you see the movie? Read the book? What did you think. Were you just as afraid as I was that the next day when you woke up that the only light would be from street lamps and light bulbs?


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