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2 Teen Programs This Week!

We all remember how AWESOME the Bangles and Beads programs are. Well, there’s another one happening Wednesday night in the Storytime Room! Woohoo! Make sure you register. I can’t wait to see what the fabulous Anita comes up for you guys to make.

And then on Thursday night…..contain yourselves…..that’s right, it’s the Twilight movie night!!! OMG! Starts at 6:30, Storytime Room, don’t miss this chance to swoon over Edward and Bella.


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Let’s Brainstorm!

I’m trying to think of ideas for summer reading themes. Children’s is going to do: Get in the Game! which is very cute and catchy. HS can do a variation of that theme or something else. Nothing to do with “time” though which was what our last two themes revolved around.

Here’s my ideas so far:

Lost in a Book

Summer Escape!

Thoughts? Ideas? This is all just brainstorming so just right down anything that comes to mind.

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Winter Reading Club

Okay…I know that this is going to disappoint a lot of people, but we are not going to be doing a separate Teen Winter Reading Club. Get all the anger and screaming out.So, we don’t really have the money for prizes. And the people that we would ask, generously founded last year’s Summer Reading (which we didn’t get as many people as I hoped). So instead of asking for money from them, and risking not getting as much for Summer Reading, we’re just going to aim for a really awesome Teen Summer Reading this year. I know you guys might be pissed, but wouldn’t you rather have more money for more prizes and events for Summer when it lasts longer? Well I hope you guys do because that’s what’s happening. So the adult theme has to do with voting, but it looks pretty cool. I think we’re going to come up with a more exciting poster for the table outside of the Teen Lounge, and an area over there where you can put your tickets and have tickets there for you to fill out. What do you guys think about that? Any other ideas? 

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