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NaNoWriMo…as crazy as it sounds I signed up and took the Plunge

Well, it is now the second week of November and if your hands are tired and your eyes are red you know where I’m going with this. No, I didn’t turn into a vampire but I might look like one in the middle of the night/early morning because of my¬†bright computer screen.

You: What is NaNo-whats-it-called?

Me: NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. Every November writers all over the world write a novel in the month of November.

You: How many words do you have to write?

Me: 50,000

You: *Jaw drops to the ground* You are crazy!

Me: No just ready to write!

You can join NaNoWriMo too! It’s not that late so visit the official website and sign up (it is free!) and get writing. The website is:

If you are already apart of NaNo let us know and post your word count. Keep use updated!


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