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Are you 18 now, or will be on or by November 4 2008? Then register to vote! The Des Plaines Library is registering voters in the main lobby. Hurry in- tomorrow (October 7) is the last day to register before November’s elections!

You need to be a US citizen on the day of registration and to register you need two pieces of identification. Acceptable identification are:

  • Illinois Drivers license
  • Illinois State ID
  • social security card
  • valid passport
  • employee or student ID
  • credit card
  • birth certificate
  • mail postmarked to you

None of  these need to be a picture ID.

If you can’t register today or tomorrow, visit the Cook County Election Department website for information about grace-period registration and voting.

This is shaping up to be one of the country’s most exciting elections! The right to vote is something everyone should exercise. Register today!


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