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Summer Reading Theme

What do you guys think of “Wild Summer”?


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Is Anyone Out There????

I need book suggestions for BOTB and a theme for Summer Reading ASAP.

Come on guys let’s get going! 🙂

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Next Meeting!

Hey guys! The next meeting is coming up FAST- it’s Monday! Besides having amazing fun with the Wii (which I know Steven is looking forward to) what else does everyone want to discuss?

Here are mine: Summer Reading (AGAIN!) The library has a lot of great ideas for the summer and I wanna know what you think.

Do the Dewey: Volunteers?

And don’t forget- wear GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day!

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Summer Reading

I know that it seems early to start thinking about this, but at our staff meeting today we started tossing some ideas around. So let’s brainstorm!

What do you guys like about summer reading?

What prizes do you wish we could have?

Would you like it if we had a separated trivia contest like the adults did last summer?

What programs would you like there to be (movies, DDR, etc.)?

What if, instead of ticket booklets, everyone got a TAB newsletter that talked about all the programs that were going to happen during the summer?

Last year we had book trivia as one of the last programs of the year. What if this year we did Battle of the Books as a big program? And if you guys want to do that we need to pick books!

Any other ideas, suggestions? I really need feedback from you guys. So if you have friends that participate in summer reading ask them their thoughts too okay? We want this year to be THE BEST ONE YET!!

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