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Teen Bling!

TAB’s first program of the year will be happening this Monday at the library from 11-12:30. They decided on a jewelry program, so we’ll be making a pair of earrings or a bracelet and a necklace. Registration is required, which you can do by going online to the library’s website or calling 847.376.2839.

The great part of the jewelry is it’s all stuff that can be made by stealing materials from your parent’s toolbox!

Check out these pictures of TAB members modeling what we’ll be making.


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TAB Meetings Start This Thursday

What do you feel about how the library treats teens and teen programming? What kinds of programs should we have? What are the newest, greatest, best books, graphic novels, video games, and DVDs out there? Is the library too BORING? Help us be cool!

How do you do that? Come to the library’s Teen Advisory Board meetings. We’ll feed you snacks and candy, you help us come up with great ideas. Everybody wins! It all starts Thursday September 24th from 4-5pm in the Teen Lounge on the 3rd floor.

We need your help!

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TAB Movie

The Des Plaines Library had a pretty successful TAB meeting last Saturday. We have some pen pal letters that we’re going to answer, took some new pictures- we’ll post one soon, and talked about the TAB movie that we want to make! Got an idea for what we should do in the video? Promote the TAB? Show off the High School Section? Highlight the Teen Lounge? Comment away!

BTW, Steven and I are going to be sitting down and talking about Battle of the Books soon. If you have more suggestions (either books or how it runs), post ’em!

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Our Fearless T.A.B Leader has been QUOTED!

Cheryl our wonderful Teen Advisory Board leader has been quoted in the Daily Herald!!!!

You can look at the article here:

And I guess we can also do a little discussion about Twilight here since this article is about Twilight. Just remember please do not spoil and feel free to share your predictions about what you think will happen in Breaking Dawn!

Once again congratulations Cheryl for being quoted in the Daily Herald!

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don’t you just HATE looking at yourself doing stuff????

[rockyou id=106306102&w=400&h=300]

Sorry, I wouldn’t usually use something this busy for a Web slideshow, but Word Press only gives you a couple of options so I tried out this rock you thing. Hey, at least I took off the fake glitter it put on the pictures! Don’t forget, we really need your help for Do the Dewey, coming up on April 26th, so clear your calendar and get some friends to help out, too.  

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