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2 Teen Programs This Week!

We all remember how AWESOME the Bangles and Beads programs are. Well, there’s another one happening Wednesday night in the Storytime Room! Woohoo! Make sure you register. I can’t wait to see what the fabulous Anita comes up for you guys to make.

And then on Thursday night…..contain yourselves…..that’s right, it’s the Twilight movie night!!! OMG! Starts at 6:30, Storytime Room, don’t miss this chance to swoon over Edward and Bella.


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Looking for a new vampire book to read??

I just finished reading Frostbite the sequel to Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It totally rocked. If you like Twilight, you’ll like these books. There’s vampires, danger, action and romance. Can’t wait until November for book #3, Shadow Kiss

If you prefer to find your vampires in graphic novels, try Life Sucks by Jessica Abel. Dave, a vampire in his early 20’s is stuck working a dead end job at the Last Stop mart. His life is filled with vampire poseurs, goth chicks, vamp and human friends and his Last Stop boss who also happens to be his Master. Good, fast read. Check it out.


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Scary Movie

Okay, I just saw 30 Days of Night and I will admit to being terrified! Have you ever heard the expression “scared stupid”? It really happens.

Anyway, now I want to be scared again – ’tis the season after all. Has anyone read the graphic novel? Can anyone recommend any extremely scary books, movies, graphic novels, etc?indexaspx.gif

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