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Happy Halloween!

I know that Teen Read week is over but I figured since Halloween is this Friday it might be nice to have a topic devoted to it. So tell us what your costume looks like. Your plans, party or trick-or-treat? Favorite candy? Favorite horror/scary/vampire/Halloween book.

Go wild and watch put for things that go bump in the night. Or that might just be the book that fell off your bed.

Cool links:

HarperTeen has a cool website called Pimp My Coffin (no joke) and it can be found here:

Some HarperTeen books that have Bite!


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Scary Movie

Okay, I just saw 30 Days of Night and I will admit to being terrified! Have you ever heard the expression “scared stupid”? It really happens.

Anyway, now I want to be scared again – ’tis the season after all. Has anyone read the graphic novel? Can anyone recommend any extremely scary books, movies, graphic novels, etc?indexaspx.gif

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