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Teen Read Week a mere week away!

200px-Chocolate_WarStarting on October 18, the entire world past, present and future celebrates the teen book.  What is your favorite teen book of all time?  I have two favorites and coincidentally, people tried to ban both!  The first is The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.  The narrator Holden Caulfield sets the standard for all the confusion every teen who is ever walked this planet experiences day after day.  (Holden’s favorite word?  – phony)

The second book is The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier.  How can teens be so cruel to one another?  How can authority be so injust?

So what’s your favorite teen book?  It can be a book written specifically for teenagers or a book about a teenager.  (A Catcher in the Rye, for example, is also an adult book but since it’s main character is a teen, it qualifies.)


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TAB Meeting This Saturday

We’ve got some things to talk about this Saturday! We’re going to launch Teen Read Week (theme is Books With Bite), talk about the upcoming teen book discussion (November) which you guys can sign up for, pencils (you’ll learn more), and something exciting that Steven and I have been working on which hopefully will be set to talk about with you.

Does anyone else have anything they’d like to talk about? Future programs, books we should own, general craziness?

Thanks Caroline for this Awesome image!

Thanks Caroline for this Awesome image!

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Quick Things

Our first TAB meeting of the new school year will be coming up semi-soon: September 20th. That’s right, we’re going back to Saturdays! Tell all your friends, and those of you reading this who are now college students but still have friends in HS tell them they should join up 🙂 Try and think of some topics that you think we should talk about: what we should do this year; what books we should be ordering more of; etc. I know that I want to talk about summer reading (and I have some ideas), Teen Read Week which will be happening in October, a volunteering opportunity for TAB members, and I forget what else.  Battle of the Books pre-planning?

The new Teen Lounge site is up! What do you guys think about it? I think it’s pretty rockin’. I love the animation that starts off the page. I’m interested in any good links that you guys use, for studying or for fun. If you have any good ones post them below.

The Teen Lounge is going to be getting 2 new magazines next year: Game Informer and (the most exciting!) Shojo Beat. Shojo Beat is an AWESOME magazine with chapters of shojo manga. Like one month will have chapter one of a new manga, chapter 3 of one they’ve been continuing, etc. The issue I bought had a chapter of Vampire Knight! It’s really cute. I think you guys will like it. I love reading it.

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