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Blog of….Apathy?

Writing a blog takes time, energy, dedication….it’s hard work! Coming up with a topic can be a real challenge sometimes. So let’s hear it teens of Des Plaines. This is YOUR blog! What do you want to read about? Music, tv, books, programs, games? Or better yet- if you’re a teen DPPL TAB member you can write for the blog.


So comment away! What do you want to see here? And if you’re interested in writing short posts just email me: tab AT


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New in the Teen Lounge

Free freshly printed new copies of Teen Ink are in the magazine racks, and…..drumroll……

Writing Contest!!!

Yup, some group is having a writing contest, and if I had my info in front of me I could tell you more, but I don’t, so come in to the library and check out the bulletin board for more detail. Or email me and I can figure out the info for you. Or reply back on the blog!

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