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Summer Reading Book Disscussion?

Hi! So I was wondering if any teens wanted to do a book discussion this summer. We would meet at the library but the event would been teen run. All we really need is to pick a book, read it and then talk about what we liked/disliked about it. Just wondering if anyone would be interested and what book you would want to read. Let me know!


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Books That Will be Coming Soon…

Just ordering some new books. Thought I give you guys a heads up on what will be appearing soon. There are no catalog records for them yet, but there will be soon.

High School Fiction:

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia by Cindy Pon

That one looks really cool.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies : The Classic Regency Romance- Now With Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! by Jane Austen/Seth Grahame-Smith

Will be the best book ever, hands down. Combines my love of P&P and zombies. Fabulous!

Hunted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Highway to Hell by Rosemary Clement-Moore

High School Non Fiction

Ghosts Caught on Film by Melvyn Willin

Ghosts of War: The True Story of a 19-Year Old GI by Ryan Smithson

Graphic Novels

Britten and Brulightly by Hannah Berry

90 Classic Books for People in a Hurry by Hendrick Lange

Honey Hunt 2 by Miki Aihara

Hope this gives you guys something to look forward to! Keep your eye on the catalog so you can put holds on these! And if anyone knows of something good coming out, post a comment or give your opinion on how you think these are going to be.

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When you read a book the first thing that you will actually read that the author wrote is the dedication page. So my question is do you like the dedication page or is it just a waste of space? Do we really care about so-and-so who inspired the book? After all we don’t know them so should we care?

So place your thoughts on book, movie and song dedications here! If you’ve read a funny/odd/lame book dedication put it here!

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Looking for Books

Anyone read anything good lately? Reply back and let me know!

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2009 Best Books for Young Adults

Looking for something new to read? Check out ALA’s list of 2009 Best Books for Young Adults. There are 86 books on the list! Now you don’t have an excuse when you say you can’t find something to read. Check it out at HERE!

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Twilight the book vs. Twilight the movie

So Twilight the incredibly-popular-bestselling-novel is now Twilight the incredibly-popular-box office-smash-hit-movie. I’m wondering: how much of the movie’s success reflects the army of Twilight-the-book fans’ approval of the filmmakers’ adaptation?

It seems like book readers go on high alert whenever Hollywood releases a book-to-film adaptation. There are high expectations that these film versions should be “faithful” to the books upon which they are based, especially if the original books are from the Harry Potter series, Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring novels, or other super-popular works like the Stephenie Meyer books.

Arguably, it’s rare for a book-to-film adaptation to actually be as good as the original work, let alone better. The DaVinci Code comes to mind: bestselling book becomes box office flop. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the three Godfather films are far superior to the original novel by Mario Puzo. Martin Scorsese adapted at least two nonfiction books for the movies: Gangs of New York, and Goodfellas. When filmmaker Stanley Kubric released 2001: A Space Odyssey, some fans of the novel by Arthur C. Clarke were so angered by Kubric’s treatment of the story they picketed theaters that were showing the film. Today, 2001: A Space Odyssey is considered by film scholars to be one of the best films ever made.

What do you think about book-to-film adaptations? Are there any you love? Any you hate? Did Twilight-the-movie live up to Twilight-the-book? Should Hollywood just get a life already and start writing more original screenplays?

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Happy Halloween!

I know that Teen Read week is over but I figured since Halloween is this Friday it might be nice to have a topic devoted to it. So tell us what your costume looks like. Your plans, party or trick-or-treat? Favorite candy? Favorite horror/scary/vampire/Halloween book.

Go wild and watch put for things that go bump in the night. Or that might just be the book that fell off your bed.

Cool links:

HarperTeen has a cool website called Pimp My Coffin (no joke) and it can be found here:

Some HarperTeen books that have Bite!

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