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Summer Reading

How do you think Teen Summer Reading Club should be this year? Write book reviews? Tickets for programs like the previous year? Candy for every book you read? Post your comments or ideas! Summer is going to be here before we know it!


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TAB meeting recap! Dewey! Awesome!


Monday’s TAB meeting was….dare I say, successful? Yup! There were 4 members there (well 4.5!) and we got a lot accomplished.

Ideas for TSRC:

mendi program (I don’t think I’m spelling that right)

book discussion (Twilight?)

Movie nite

(possible movie ideas include: Juno, August Rush, Indiana Jones, LOTR, Hairspray, Across the Universe)

gaming programs- what about every Tuesday in June and July??!!!

jewelry program with the ever popular Anita

separate trivia contest

and of course the ever popular BOTB.

Guys, I need more info about BOTB and how that’s different then Book Jeopardy.

Prize ideas include:

gift cards to Game Stop, Best Buy, electronicy places, Target, Visa gift card, ITunes

IPod Nano

digital camera

Other ideas for themes were:

Escape to Paradise

Another idea brought up would be to do an Abraham Lincoln reading group, like the Caudill group. I’ll look into what this would be like- I think it would be a great idea.

Then we tested the scavenger hunt that the adults will be playing at Do the Dewey. I was exhausted running up and down stairs, but then I’m old. Speaking of Do the Dewey, you guys still going to help out??? Because I am! That’s right, I’ll be helping to supervise you guys and probably helping to serve too. It’ll be a lot of fun!

Any thoughts or comments on TSRC, Dewey, spring?

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