Little Words Make Me Think, You?

A book of memoirs came out last year – a very short book of memoirs.  In fact, each writer had to write his or her life story in six words.   Since I tend to be, well, rather verbose, this was a daunting challenge but I came up with the following:

Ballerina dreams, bad feet, library school


The last kiss always a doozy.


D.O.B. , B.A.  Mrs., M.L.S., I.R.A., R.I.P.

Okay you twitterers… let’s see some short memoir!Peanuts


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Some dude said,

    Six words? Mine would be:

    I forgot what the assignment was!

  2. 2

    LibraryFan said,

    Music and books + passion for life.

    Ok, it’s seven words. I tried to edit it down, but I couldn’t.

    (Hmmm, maybe my sequel should in fact be: “I tried to edit it down.”)

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