6 Reasons why you should come 2 GAME ON!

Just a reminder that this Tuesday we have Game On! We meet from 12pm-2pm downstairs in the Room B.

We have snacks and I think this week we are going to play Wii since our wonderful DDR mats are having some issues. I know I had lots of fun last week so make sure you come this Tuesday!

6 Reasons Why You Should Come to Game On!

1. We have an Awesome time.

2. Because Game On! is hosted in the library you can pick up your holds while you are there, no need to make a second trip.

3. It’s an easy way to get a Teen Summer Reading Club Grand Prize Ticket.

4. There will be snacks!

5. You can drop off your Summer Reading Club Tickets at Game-On! (Hope you don’t mind Cheryl !)

6. While you are at the library you can sign-up for the Awesome TSRC programs like Battle of the Books!!!!


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    dppltab said,

    About no. 5- I don’t mind at all!

    Thanks for making this Awesome list! And yes, we will be playing Wii! Who’s ready for some bowling? Or tennis???

  2. 2

    emeraldink said,

    Tennis please!!! I mean that’s if nobody else minds!

  3. 3

    hdean said,

    I get off work at noon I think from now until July–so this should work out!

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