Harry Potter BOTB and Random Talk

No Spoilers! Why? Because many people have not finished the series yet. So please be kind and don’t post spoilers or Voldemort will come after you!

On a kinder note. This topic is for talking about having a HP book disscussion and Battle of the Books. Please post your ideas on how it can be run, when, for who (possible inter-libraray TAB Battle?). Have fun and please post! It can’t happen without your help!


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    dppltab said,

    I think that an HP book discussion would be really cool. I’m not 100 percent certain about a BOTB because I heard from Veronica that you guys know everything and it would be incredibly challenging to stump you all.

    And I have to second the importance about not giving away spoilers! We all know that I am incredibly slow about reading the books, and have not started 6. Please, it would hurt me if you gave something away, so be kind. Please. 🙂

  2. 2

    hdean said,

    Psh…if we did it a year after the book release, our knowledge would be dimmed…and there are other ways to challenge us

    For example, there’s a fun game where one person names a category (ie spells, magical creatures, students at Hogwarts…) and the two players go back and forth naming items until one can’t think of any more!

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