I have FINALLY finished reading Crime and Punishment (aka Crap and Pain), and though I really don’t have time, I’m looking for some more engaging fiction to read. Any ideas?


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    libldy said,

    I just finished I Love You Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle. Dennis Cooverman, short, big headed, profuse sweater and valedictorian announces during graduation that he loves cheerleader and all around golden girl Beth Cooper. His announcement leads to a graduation night that no one could have imagined. It will totally remind you of a John Hughes movie.

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    shantooz said,

    I rarely read fiction so my personal recommends would probably depress you (earthquakes? geishas? torrid rock biographies? theology?).

    But have you checked out our new Staff Picks database? It has lots of book reviews for all different genres. You can click on it down in the Blogroll or go to:

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    dppltab said,

    Frankly, I’m impressed that you read Crime and Punishment. Was that a personal reading goal?


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    hdean said,

    Dear God no! It was very interesting, and now I’m stuck relating everything to it–including Double Helix, which I just finished…but no, it was for English class. We started it over the summer and are just getting around to finishing it now! It was facsinating, but an arduous read.

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    dppltab said,

    I’ll be interested to hear your interpretation of Double Helix mixed with C&P at the discussion. When I think summer reading, Dostoyevsky is not the usual author that comes to mind. I think the I Love You Beth Cooper book is a good recommendation of a book that’s engaging. It’s on my list of things to read.

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    hdean said,

    Ok, so I totally do remember reading this lol (for those of you at the meeting today…)

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    Kendall said,

    I love the Twilight series. Once I started I couldn’t put them down!!

    I also love the Eragon trilogy(now they are going to make a 4th book, though). I read them all really quickly. There is SO much packed into the books, that there really isn’t any “dead spots,” in the plot.

    I love Sarah Dessen books. They are very intriguing! I love how the story evolves.

    One of my other favorite books is Bloom. It’s reallt good. I have read it 3 times! It’s not better than the Twilight series, though. I HIGHLY recommend it!

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